Allama Ziaul Mustafa Qadri
Al-Allamah Zia Al-Mustafa, the son of Sadr Al-Shari’ah Al-Allamah Al-Hakeem Al-Mufti Abu Al-Ula Muhammad Amjad Ali, the son of Mowlana Al-Hakeem Jamal Al-Deen, the son of Mowlana Khuda Bakhsh, the son of Mowlana Khayr Al-Deen.Al-Allamah Zia Al-Mustafa was born on the 2ndof Shawwal Al-Mukarram in the year 1354. He was born on a Sunday in a town called Ghosi, today known as Madinah Al-Ulema (The city of Scholars).


As a child the Sheikh began His studies in Islamic sciences by his father, the great master of Hanafi Fiqh, Sadr Al-Shari’ah. He had an inquiring mind. Once He was reciting Surah Al-Feel to His father. When he reached the word “Abaabeel”, he looked at his father with inquiring eyes and asked, what does the word “Abaabeel” mean? Are they not the birds that we call Abaabeel in the Urdu language? And what does the word, “Sijjeel” mean? When Sadr Al-Shari’ah told Him the meaning of “Sijjeel”, He replied, is this not the incident of those birds that hit and dropped the elephants onto the ground? Upon this, Sadr Al-Shari’ah was pleased and said, this son of my will become a great scholar in the future.

When a child of such age recites the Qur’an as “Naazirah”, he concentrates on recognizing the letters and pronouncing them correctly. However, Al-Allamah Zia Al-Mustafa at that very age is concentrating on the meanings of the words and trying to understand the message given in the Qur’an. A student of the Sheikh says that I am sure that He must have heard the incident of Abrahah and the elephants from his mother a few years before. How amazing was His memory as a child that when he heard the word “Abaabeel” and was merely told the meaning of the word “Sijjeel” His mind straight away recollected the story of Abrahah. The Sheikh once told me of how strict Sadr Al-Shari’ah was and how people feared Him due to His immense piety, knowledge and lofty status. However Al-Allamah Zia Al-Mustafa, as a child never hesitated one bit in asking His father what His mind had inquired.

Al-Allamah Zia Al-Mustafa had begun His Arabic studies with his father as He once told me about how they were memorizing the measures of verbs whilst Sadr Al-Shari’ah would be doing other work.

Before Sadr Al-Shari’ah left for His second pilgrimage to Makkah, He sent His son to Nagpur to study by Faiz Al-Aarifeen Al-Allamah Gulam Aasi Piya to continue His Arabic studies. Faiz Al-Aarifeen was the brother of Al-Allama Zia Al-Mustafa’s mother. He was a Sufi Master and an excellent poet, until today is well known amongst the Scholars. He taught the likes of Al-Allamah Arshad Al-Qadri, his younger brother.

Later he went to Mubarakpur and studied under the shade of his fathers student Huzoor Hafiz-e-millat and Hazrat Allama Abd Al Ra’oof another great scholar. Allama Zia Al Mustafa deeply loves these two teachers of his and he mentions them a lot as well. In Mubarakpur Allama Sahib studied different types of Uloom and Funoon such as Ilme Qur’aan, Tafseer of the Qur’aan, Hadith, Usoole hadith, Fiqh, Usoole Fiqh, Ilme Ta’beer (interpretation of dreams), Ilme Tawqeet (Namaaz times), Ilme Nujoomi (Astronomy), Philosophy, Mantiq (Logic), Ilm-e-Falakiyaat, and the list goes on and on. He graduated with all that knowledge at the age of 19.

One year after graduation his teacher Huzoor Hafiz-e-millat called him back to Mubarakpur and made him sit in his classroom in which he taught Bukhari Shareef, after 3 lessons Huzoor Hafiz-e-millat told him this how you must teach Bukhari. This was a glad tiding for a scholar of such young age that later on the years you will be a Sheikh Al Hadith and will teach Bukhari. It wasn’t long when he was given the title “Muhaddith-e-Kabeer” which means “Great Muhaddith”.

He was so great in Fiqh that he was given the title “Mumtaaz Al Fuqha” which means “The Unique one from all Jurists”.

The titles that Allama Sahib has been given were all gained by him and given to him by great scholars. After Allama Sahib graduated from Mubarakpur he took part in a competition, the competition was on the topic of Fiqh. The winner would be given the title, “Mumtaaz Al-Fuqaha”. Allama Sahib was competing with many many scholars from all around India. He came first and was given the title.

Allamah Zia Al-Mustafa have written thousands of Fatwas which are in the process of being compiled. Over 50 years of constantly writing Fatwas, Allah knows how many they are. Serving the Muslims as a Mufti is the best way of working for the Deen according to the Ulema.

Allamah Zia Al-Mustafa, today is the head of the Shar’i council of India. He leads the Fiqh Seminars in Bareily.

Allamah Zia Al-Mustafa is writing the Sharah of Tirmizi Shareef which non of our Sunni Ulema have yet done.

Allamah Zia Al-Mustafa has been engaged in tadrees (teaching the Deen) since the age of 22. He has taught Hadith for over 40 years. His students reside all over the world. Recently a list was compiled which reached over 30’000 students. This was all of those students whom the Madrasah has a record of.

Every year Allamah Sahib is invited to over 30 institutes for Khatm-e-Bukhari, where they study the last few Ahadith from Allamah Sahib so that they can say to the world that i am a student of Allamah Zia Al-Mustafa.

Every year over a thousand new books and pamphlets are published in the sunni world of India, according to the Islamic Literature Board in luckhnow, 95% of the authors are students of Allamah Zia Al-Mustafa.

Allamah Sahib travels all around the world delivering speeches and attending conferences. They say, “Not a day of Allamah Sahib goes by until he does a speech for atleast an hour in which he recites many Ahadeeth of the Prophet (peace be upon him) on one specific topic, even when he’s travelling”.

Since the last 40 years if not more, every scholar who writes the name Misbahi after his name is a student of Allamah Zia Al-Mustafa Sahib.

Students from Kerla, Kashmeer, Bangladesh, Africa, Dubai, England, Punjab, Mauritius and other places travel to India and study Bukhari for a year with Allamah Zia Al-Mustafa.

May Allah Azza’Wajjal bless Allama Zia Al-Mustafa with a long, healthy life so that he can continue the tremendous work that He is doing.

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